The right paddle is a ticket to a healthier and happier you

High-quality paddles help you get the most benefits from pickleball. Unfortunately, these paddles tend to be the priciest.


Thanks to partners invested in your well-being, you can have the best paddles at the lowest possible prices. 

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These are the world's first high-end paddles 

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The Mural


The Mosaic


The ATX Paddle


Roses are red, 

Great dinks are soft,

Upgrading your paddle is the easiest way to get better at pickleball. 


When you make the decision to upgrade, you find yourself starting a wonderful cycle.

The more you play, the more you win, and the more fun you have,

the more of these benefits you receive:

Stress reduction

Elevated mood

Improved cardiovascular health

Increased confidence

Improved cognitive function

Stronger relationships

A great paddle upgrade can cost $90. A super paddle upgrade can cost $200. 

That's why we are very excited to work with a select group of sponsors to help make this possible.


With our sponsors help, you can get the most amount of benefits from pickleball at unbeatable prices.

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