The souped-up paddle at an 

entry-level price, subsidized by 

ATX Icons.

Carbon Fiber. High Friction Surface. Thermoformed. All the features and jargon of a $200 paddle for $49.

Austin, among many other wonderful things, is the pickleball capital of the world. 


Thanks to a select group of ATX Icons, we are making a paddle that celebrates the city and empowers Austinites to have the most fun possible playing pickleball.

What is the ATX Paddle exactly?

An investment in health and happiness

The ATX Paddle is a high-end super paddle sponsored by Icons that make up ATX. 


It is subsidized by our partners to help you get the most physical, mental, and social benefits possible from pickleball. 


It's not just because these Icons are crazy about pickleball. These Icons are making an investment in the health and happiness of you and the ATX community.

A way for Austinites to connect with local businesses

Each paddle is equipped with a QR code on the handle that directs players to our partners' websites and offers. 


After a few games, it's easy for players to choose where they want to go to keep the fun going.