So, what's all this?


My name is Duke and I started Gallery because I want as many people as possible to get the same joy from pickleball that it gives me. 

Why The Mural?


You play better with an awesome paddle, which starts a beautiful cycle:


You'll win more, so you'll have more fun. Which means you'll play more often. 


The more you play, the more you improve. The fun that you have on the court only goes up. You meet more people while playing and you make new friends along the way.


And round and round the cycle goes.


So the right paddle is a ticket to more happiness and greater well-being.

But there are already so many super paddles...


Agreed, and that's the problem.


For months, my friends and I chose to use our 

meh starter paddles that made us frustrated on the courts. 


We love pickleball, but here we were acting like we loved getting pickled.


Why didn't we just upgrade?

Because shopping for upgrades

is exhausting and pricey.

There are endless options at every price point. 


When we looked at paddles, every option came with 12 more suggestions. 


And spending $100+ made the decision more stressful and painful. 

Pickleball needs a no-brainer paddle:

A super paddle that improves your game at the "I want to give pickleball a try" price. 


That way, we can get many more people to have the most possible fun playing pickleball.


We're very excited to be the first to do it with our paddles.

Join the Pickleball Illuminati and get The Mural and The Mosaic 

at the lowest possible price: