We are crowdfunding 2 premium paddles at very discounted prices: 

The Mosaic and The Mural.


The Mosaic is $25 and plays like a $90 paddle. 

The Mural is $49 and plays like a $200 paddle.

The reason why we can offer these discounts is:


These are the first paddles sponsored by partners invested in your health and happiness. 


Whether you're a beginner or a regular player, you can now elevate your game for the lowest possible price.

These are prototypes with fake sponsors. We are testing prototypes from the most established manufacturers in the sport. In the end, we will choose the paddles that perform the best. 


We are determining our list of sponsors simultaneously.

When we hit 1,500 newsletter subscribers, we will launch the crowdfunding campaign.

This is our ask:


If you want to help us make The Mosaic and The Mural, subscribe to our newsletter.


You'll officially join the Pickleball Illuminati and you'll get $5 off each paddle when the crowdfunding campaign launches on Indiegogo:

Easily the best club I've been a part of.


If you like to win, you need to upgrade to the tech engineered to help you win the most amount of games:

  • The Mural

  • The Mosaic

T700 Carbon Fiber 

High Friction Surface 

Thermoformed Unibody Construction 

PP Honeycomb Core 

Elongated Handle

Foam Injected

Durable Composite Fiberglass

PP Honeycomb Core 

Elongated Handle

Lightweight and powerful

So if you like to win and don't like to spend a lot of money on paddles, we are making The Mosaic and The Mural for you.


When will the sponsors be finalized?

The sponsorship deadline will be several weeks after the campaign's close and announced at the beginning of the campaign. The Mural and The Mosaic's production date will not be extended to fill any remaining sponsorship spots. 

What if I don't like the final look of The Mosaic and The Mural?

You will be able to review The Mural and The Mosaic for a defined period after sponsors are finalized and before the paddle is shipped to you. You can request a full refund during this period.

Why would companies sponsor a pickleball paddle?

Hear the 1.5-minute pitch:

How do I know these paddles will upgrade my game?

We are making sure that players across all skillsets and backgrounds are playing with our prototypes. We want to make sure that we choose paddle that is the most fun to play with for as many people as possible. 


We are measuring each paddle based on control, pop, power, how much spin it generates, balance, the grip's ergonomics, durability, and craftsmanship.


We will publish many games of footage and detailed specs for your review during the campaign.

Just to be clear, The Mural is a super paddle with NO sacrifices?

...ok there are a few sacrifices.


Like, we'll never be able to afford Margot Robbie as our spokesperson.

We'll be the first to admit that there are paddle companies that can create a paddle as great as ours. We want to give you the experience that you can expect from the best paddles of the world, but at a price that is way more easy to justify. 


And we can do it together by thinking outside of the kitchen.

I have more questions

Please reach out to info@gallerypickleball.com

If you would pay to have better games, why not spend less? 


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