You know that space on your paddle handle? 


The circle surrounded by the octagon? 


We think that space can be dedicated for something very fun.


PickleBling: Durable collectibles to customize your paddle. 

A thin iron plate Base Plate that sits firmly within the circle on your paddle's handle. 


Each Base Plate is equipped with a strong adhesive specifically designed for the plastics that pickleball paddle handles are made with. 

Magnets specifically designed to fit the broadest possible range of pickleball paddles. 


Each magnet is strong enough to accommodate guillotine spikes and tornado top-spin serves.

Simply place the PickleBling on your Base Plate and let science do the rest.

PickleBling Collection #1 : 


An original cast of characters you can collect, trade, and customize your paddle with.


Each PickleBling carries the message GG (good game) to boost your paddle taps with a lil more love.

Study Abroad Penguin is finding himself in a foreign land.
Trust Fund Joey doesn't have much to worry about.
Cowboy Banana brings order to a town and peels off.
Cappuccino Seal is a bespoke way to start the morning.
DinkBat is absolutely zany for pickleball.

Designed to fit on the most popular paddles on the market, this custom iron Base Plate will serve as the anchor for all your PickleBling.

The Base Plate is equipped with 3M 300 LSE, a high-strength adhesive that is specifically designed to durably stick to plastics like polypropylene (what the paddle handle is made of). It is 25mm in diameter.

Each Base Plate comes with a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe so you can clean the paddle handle to ensure maximum stickiness upon application.


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