Basic Anatomy of the ATX Paddle

Simple highlights of its features and why they matter

T700 Carbon Fiber

PP Honeycomb Core

Foam Injected Manufacturing

Carbon Friction Surface

Thermoformed Construction

Made with USAPA Approval in mind

full product specifications

Product Dimensions

16.5" x 7.5"; 7.9 oz

Surface Material

3 Layers of Certified Toray T700 Raw Carbon Fiber 

Paddle Core

16mm Polypropylene Honeycomb


Thermoformed Edge Seal, Foam Injected PP Core, Foam Injected Edge and Handle.

Grip Dimensions

5.3" Length and 4.125" Circumference



Once partners have been secured, 1,000 ATX Paddles will be available for purchase for $47 each. Until then you can test out the paddle at our weekly meetups in ATX.


Want to see how this paddle gets made?

We'll be emailing brief blogs on our journey to get the ATX Paddle in your hands.