We're not the first to create a super paddle.

But we are the first to sell one for $49.

It'll probably bug a bunch of the expensive super paddle companies.


So we can't raise any alarms. We can't let them know what it looks like or how we're doing it...

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for an instant look:

T700 Carbon Fiber 

Thermoformed Unibody Construction

Raw Friction Surface

Polypropelene Honeycomb Core

All the jargon and tech 

of a $200 paddle for  




with no sacrifices on quality or performance.

Ok...we had to make a few sacrifices.

Like, we couldn't have Margot Robbie be our spokesperson.

We'll be the first to admit that there are paddle companies that can create a paddle as great as ours. 


But they can’t match us on price.


Because we figured out a way to bring down the cost of making a 

super paddle by thinking outside the kitchen.

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