About Pickleball in The Gallery

With the help of the Recreation Committee, Pickleball in The Gallery was first introduced in August 2017 (see The Initial Proposal).


The initial temporary court was laid out with duct tape in the parking lot. The Association provided a net, some paddles and some pickle balls. Within a few weeks, permanent lines were painted.

In August 2018, by reducing the length of a couple of planter curbs (see Parking Lot Layout), the court was relocated to its present position.

Because the primary purpose of the court surface is parking, the pickleball court is classified as a temporary amenity.

What some happy pickleball players say:  

"This is really fun!"


- Barbara B.

"When I started I had no racquet sport experience whatsoever. Now I love playing pickleball!


- Donna W.

"I used to play a lot of tennis, but now this is my game."


- John S.